Founder & CEO, Michael Karasz

With more than 30 years of hands-on experience in the European energy industry Michael’s commercial expertise covers the whole value chain of the natural gas/LNG, clean hydrogen, and CCS business.

This long-lasting practical experience allows him to identify strategic trends and to evaluate their impact on commercial operations. Based on these findings he successfully develops and implements appropriate strategies. Further, he is an expert in negotiating complex sales & purchase, transportation, and storage agreements. He has a proven track record of exploiting short-term options in long-term contract portfolios and their optimization. He gained comprehensive expertise in preparing and successfully executing complex international arbitration cases.

Given this energy expertise, supported by the deep understanding of European subsidy schemes, he is able to develop tailormade co-financing concepts for innovative energy projects.

Michael maintains an extensive network of connections throughout Europe’s energy industry. His long-lasting involvement in the energy business started in the early 90’s at Wingas. After having held different senior management and executive positions in Germany and Central & Eastern Europe, with E.ON, EEX, RWE, and Bayerngas, he founded THE ENERGY HOUSE GmbH in 2011.

Michael holds degrees in Geology and Business Administration from the University of Cologne. He is author of the leading German textbook on risk management in the energy business and an English textbook on natural gas.